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Contact Trenton Holliday.

Contact Information

The 86th Annual Meeting of the AAPA is hosted by the Department of Anthropology at Tulane University and the Department of Geography and Anthropology at Louisiana State University. The Local Arrangements Committee is comprised of members of the biological anthropology faculty in the two departments.

Members of the Local Arrangements Committee:

General Questions

Any questions about the meeting venue, the AAPA Annual Meeting, or that do not fit within the specific categories listed below should be directed toward the AAPA 2013 LAC e-mail.

Questions about Registration

If you have questions about on-site AAPA registration, please contact Trenton Holliday at thollid (at) tulane (dot) edu. Questions about online pre-registration should be directed to Ed Hagen at edhagen (at) vancouver (dot) wsu (dot) edu.

Questions about Volunteering

If you have questions about volunteering to help at the AAPA Annual Meeting, please contact Katharine Jack at kjack (at) tulane (dot) edu, or Trenton Holliday at thollid (at) tulane (dot) edu. Undergraduate students are encouraged to serve as volunteers.

Questions about New Orleans Attractions & Local Excursions

If you have questions about New Orleans area attractions, a great place to start is the webpage for the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau. Further inquiries concerning third-party venues should be directed to those venues via the links there provided.